Sitemap - 2017 - Exponential View by Azeem Azhar

🔮🎉 18 predictions for 2018 #146

🔮 🎄 In code we trust; the ethics economy; obsoleting programmers; my favourite books of 2017++ #145

🔮 Augmenting human intelligence; two views of the algorithmic enterprise; the new political economy; China, Estonia, dogs vs cats++ #144

🔮✨ AlphaZero; trustworthiness in AI; the future of work; cryptobubbles; shaking dice, Lenin as a mushroom++ #143

🔮 The intelligence explosion; how AI, smartphones and design impact the economy; Bitcoin’s trajectory; GM’s autonomous car; sleepy finches, PPT++ 142

🔮💥 Explainable AI; non-human design; equality & GDP; China's rise; water on Mars, ketamine in mice++ #141

🔮 Autonomous weapons; software & machine learning; the church of AI, gene editing and ant zombies  ++ #140

🔮 Globalization & pitchforks; Long-term stock exchange; the reality of retail apocalypse; psycho airplane computer++ #139

🔮 A new golden age; brains & AI; the fragmentation of America; social media & democracy; mushrooms under Paris ++ #138

🔮⚡ Mustafa Suleyman special; fair society, fair tech; inflated unicorns; rethinking commons and trust; manservants and misogyny ++ #137

🔮 💥 The AI issue: progress, economy, jobs & learning; Tezos tantrum; paperclips, concrete, Soviet Woodstock++ #136

🔮 Self-conscious machines; attitudes to automation; trust in the platform age; urban mobility; online dating & society; roboroaches++ #135

🔮 Blockchains & human progress; the new gilded age; 3D printing vs globalisation; industrial farming; air taxis, tube trains, Uber driving ++ #134

🔮 🇨🇳 David Schlesinger China special; an AI-first digital economy; the state of surveillance; Party Congres; dental robots, Teslas & pandas ++ #133

🔮 The sublime Apple Watch; tech, governments & regulation; bitcoin’s value; energy breakthroughs; tulips, octopuses & teens++ #132

🔮 iPhoneX & vertical integration; how robots change work; human evolution; blockchain & VC; voting dogs, vengeful politicians, rude mothers ++ #131

🔮 Predicting AI; return of the city-state; keeping below 2°C; machine learning’s privacy challenge; GoT, Satoshi, fake Americans++ #130

🔮 Cryptofunding takes on VC; Harvey & climate change; AI: profits & job losses; measuring AI; gut bacteria, the distracted BF & vacuum sealing++ 129 

🔮🚀 Blockchains & tokens; Uber’s business plan; Apple & Tesla have prangs; Chinese AI; meatless meat, lava lamps & North Korean spies++ #128

🔮⭐ The internet & civil society; state of cryptocurrency; sexism in tech & economics; AI and art; large planets, cryonics & curing allergies++ #127 

🔮 💾 Dan Gillmor special; redecentralizing the Internet; innovative digital journalism; Apple vs privacy; climate, prison visits and emojis++ #126

🔮 Martha Lane Fox special. On power and technology; wellness in digital society; Jobs and Kalanick; Gore, Tufekci, Arendt++ #125  

🔮🏖️ Optimism and progress; Musk v Zuck; designing cities; optimism; virality; the best of the best summer vacation special++ #124

🔮 AI & Moore’s Law; the end of the petrol car; sewbots, cobots, & sexbots; big data’s big advantage; cash in China++ #123

🔮⭐ Saul Klein special; Zebra economy, the rise of Chinafrica, crypto bubble bursting, teleporting ++#122

🔮 AI as distributed innovation; Facebook’s fake news admission; tech sexism; neoliberal overreach; drug discovery; online trolls & Minitel++ #121

🔮 AI's impact on the economy; the end of ownership; the rise of thought leadership; automating jobs; supply-side economics & new elements++  #120

🔮 Uber and leadership; emotions at work; Apple's secrecy; quantum computing; McJobs, and electric planes ++ #119

🔮 Apple’s auto ambition; robots, humans, work & cheese; inconspicuous consumption; fake news; media futures; plastics, Goldman, Ibn Khaldun++ #118  

🔮 🚗 Apple & AI; investing in AI; the pathology of fake news; how big oil will die; bikes vs cars; digital therapeutics++ #117

🔮 Crypto tokens emerging; fair algorithms; stumbling robots; the $7 trillion transport opportunity; programmable matter, macaques, brains++ #116

🔮🌞 When will AI exceed humans? Self-driving car jam; moderating Facebook; the disappearing computer; R2D2, helium, spiders++ #115 

🔮 The Facebook President; data & democracy; renewables ascendant;  Google's cloud AI ambitions; Chinese airliners, red meat & Mar-a-Lago++ #114 

🔮⚡️ Accelerationism; WannaCry & cybersecurity;  innovation in AI; unbiasing machine learning; Macron's honeypots, Brexit hiring, Nvidia++ #113 

🦉 IMPORTANT Service announcement from Azeem

🔮 The data monopolies; bikes vs cars; Schmidhuber on smart machines; can AI save science; personal space, hipsters & ketamine++ #112

🔮 The myth of super AI; global energy optimism; startups vs companies; training AI; music as medicine; the Pontifex, Pyongyang & flying cars++ #111

🔮 Brain special: Neuralink, psychedelics, consciousness; digital monopolies; peak car, negative mass, healthy Italians++ #110

🔮🐰 Doughnut economics; algorithms & management; decentralisation; robot wars; Burger King, facial hair & terrible products ++ #109

🔮🗞 Publishing in the platform; globalisation; Google's deep learning chip; panpsychism, elephants, poo & graphene++ #108

🔮💊 Doctor AI; privacy & algorithms; adtech's failure; robots hurt jobs; collecting treasure, dishwashers, fasting++ #107

🔮 Fake news; augmented reality; humans and work; rethinking intelligence; mail-order brides, phone romeos, Aristotle++ #107

🔮🎂 Belonging; the Facebook threat; autonomous vehicles get serious; video games vs work; robot lawyers, digital pickpockets and the A380++ #105

🔮 How AI will change the enterprise; robot friendships; quantum computing (maybe); Tinder select, time crystals, the connectome++ #104

🔮 After Uber; Snapchat's boom; tech ethics; curing cancer; preventing suicide; Sachs, Dennett & lucid dreams++ #103

🔮 Facebook's bet on AI; taxing robots (or not); the changing nature of employment; outsmarting Intel; heroin in Philly; digital contraception; hoarding cobalt++ #102

🌟 Yuval Harari & dataism; future skills; rebundling business models; living & designing with algorithms; fake news; insecure dolls, Russians, butter++ #101

🔮💯 The future of jobs; beyond Moore's law; decentralization; the crisis of capitalism & democracy. 100th issue special++

🔮 Building safe AI; poker-winning AI; improving autonomous vehicles; national identity, Snapchat++ #99

🔮 AI & emotional intelligence; blockchain & marketplaces; jobs of the future; Apple's failing products; exoplanets, metallic hydrogen & time crystals++ #98

🔮🔥 On progress; going long on AI; why basic income; President Trump; extreme weather; stem cells, graphene, alphabets++ #97

🔮 Automation, jobs and robots; iPhone is 10; the coming tech backlash; Lidar, young blood & Putin++ #96

🔮 Voice revolution; manipulating media; lessons from Luddites; deep learning predictions; octopuses, buffalo and Canadians++ #95

🔮 Happy ⓶⓪⓵⓻ Moore's Law, complex societies, inequality & more++ #94