🔮 Quantum; cancer-busting food; retraining workers; cutting carbon; smart glass, random numbers, dating++ #226

💭 Brexit: What does the future hold?

🔮 AI & science; Apple & Ive; job transitions under automation; killing globalisation++ #225

Capitalism without Capital

🔮⛺ Biometric surveillance, automating care, objective science, near-death experience & ketamine++ #224

🔮♎ What jobs of the future need; economic geography; freeing Libra; AI vs climate change; MH370, cute dogs & cyber attacks #223

Can Libra succeed?

Who would you like on my podcast?

Can Apple save us?

🔮📶 Internet trends; Facebook’s cryptocurrency; Uber; zero emmissions; AI & open societies; Snapchat, GPS & gut microbes++ #222

Policy for moonshot innovation

🔮 Apple’s 1 billion users; against knowledge; unsustainable AI; the autonomous economy; wealth, stamina and pregnancy++ #221

The Innovation Economy

Your questions for Shoshana Zuboff

🔮 Trust in technology; cooperative AI; aesthetics in AI; browsers, Tamagotchi & blockchain++ #220

Our changing climate and the road ahead

🔮 The Internet’s dark forest; robots & work; the tech cold war; Amazon & Germany; plutonium & Game of Thrones++ #219

🔮 Trillion-dollar iPhone; delaying AGI; face recognition; ferrets, rats, Ether whales++ 218

🔮 Breaking up Facebook; huge markets; GDP & control; ignorance; lasers, swords & ‘shrooms++ #217

Creating AI Responsibly


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