🔮 Complexity & history; technological sovereignty; fighting the algorithm; generative biology; bee teaching, solar power, fast chips++ #244

📅 Complexity economics, and investing in blockchain

💭 Can AI blossom with stronger regulation?

🔮🧠 Big ideas: Bitcoin, designer babies, the Global south #243++

🔮 Deep tech trends; AI; thinking about innovation; Starcraft; invisibility, polyamory, bacon++ #242

🔮 Working less; AI & war; rethinking GDP again; rats, emoji & duck-rabbits++ #421

📅 The future of cash, and carbon economics

💭 Swarm intelligence: How can we harness collective human intelligence?

🔮 Algorithmic decision-making; social credit; the green golden age; the best code, web tracking, colours++ #240

☝️ Q&A: AI and the rule of law

💭 Modelling Climate Change

🔮 Renting; the economy after oil; making AI work at scale; zebras, cows, bats and whales++ #239

🔮🌟 Wages and robots; quantum uptick; more Tiktok; brains, repairs and heroic rats++ #238

🤖 Trade, globalisation and 3-d printers

🔮 Tiktok; quantum supremacy; chaos vs order; disinformation; the passing of a nuclear hero, flags and a dreaming octopus++ #237

💭 What do we need for a climate breakthrough?

🔮 The algorithmic state; neoluddism; building moats; good and bad climate news; G650s, A16Z & Megvii++ #236

🔮 Pessimism; more war; growing the commons; stifling big tech; WontWork; protons, periods and microbiomes++ #235

🗓️ Swarm intelligence

🔮 Robot taxes; information gerrymandering; giant companies; Chinese chips; Hamilton vs Satoshi, space crashes & tech flops++ #234


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