🔮📶 Internet trends; Facebook’s cryptocurrency; Uber; zero emmissions; AI & open societies; Snapchat, GPS & gut microbes++ #222

Policy for moonshot innovation

🔮 Apple’s 1 billion users; against knowledge; unsustainable AI; the autonomous economy; wealth, stamina and pregnancy++ #221

The Innovation Economy

Your questions for Shoshana Zuboff

🔮 Trust in technology; cooperative AI; aesthetics in AI; browsers, Tamagotchi & blockchain++ #220

Our changing climate and the road ahead

🔮 The Internet’s dark forest; robots & work; the tech cold war; Amazon & Germany; plutonium & Game of Thrones++ #219

🔮 Trillion-dollar iPhone; delaying AGI; face recognition; ferrets, rats, Ether whales++ 218

🔮 Breaking up Facebook; huge markets; GDP & control; ignorance; lasers, swords & ‘shrooms++ #217

Creating AI Responsibly

When genetic engineering meets machine learning

Capitalism as AI; SAASification; future insurgencies; the future of work; whales, genes, pizza++ #216

Innovations in energy storage

🔮 Extended intelligence; Tesla’s ambition; AI vs workers; investing under climate change; calories, miners, BS++ #215

🔮 Efficiency & discontents; Uber billions; electric China; healthy internet conversations; nationalist brains, resurrecting pigs, helium hydride++ #214

Episode 1: Investing in Disruptive Innovation

🔮 Government as a platform; Africa’s future; demystifying AI; space bacteria, black holes & Perl++ #213

🔮 The renewables switch; computational biology; better autonomous vehicles; AI talent; bacteria, cephalopods & Peter Thiel++ #212

Investing in disruptive innovation


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