🔮 Efficiency & discontents; Uber billions; electric China; healthy internet conversations; nationalist brains, resurrecting pigs, helium hydride++ #214

Episode 1: Investing in Disruptive Innovation

🔮 Government as a platform; Africa’s future; demystifying AI; space bacteria, black holes & Perl++ #213

🔮 The renewables switch; computational biology; better autonomous vehicles; AI talent; bacteria, cephalopods & Peter Thiel++ #212

Investing in disruptive innovation

The State of Autonomous Transportation

🔮 Techno-geopolitics; SAAS unicorns; better robots; ethical technology; language efficiency, American sex & meatless meat++ #211

🎈 🔮 Societies and gods; AI’s better lesson; how good is Waymo; what we owe the future; magnetic humans, mammoths and dead products++ #210

Machine learning, science & invention; xenodesign; public data platforms; terror & technology; automation anxieties; graphene, allergies & lice++ #209

Micromobility—Unbundling of the Car

🔮 Social networks; computational biology; pointless MBAs; creative AI; violent video games, scale free networks & poop transplants++ #208

🔮 Designing babies; AI & causality; markets eat the world; peak car; octopus dreams, rat-brains, broken sneakers++ #207

The responsible AI imperative

🔮 After Neoliberalism, new economics; where AI works; on artificial consciousness; the end of employees; emoji, jetstreams & medieval trade++ #206

America’s approach to AI for defense

🔮 The privacy commons; mirrorworld; AI and geopolitical competition; morality, π and conscious fish++ #205

What is really happening in white-collar automation?

🔮 The Fortnite metaverse, blockchain & combinatorial innovation; faulting Facebook's business model; anger, UBI & Chinese data protection++ #204

How to think about micromobility

🔮 Cyborg sex; why micromobility matters; local social networks; the business of war; vegan meat, Iranian influencers, fat elements++ #203


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