🎧 Beneficial Artificial Intelligence

🎧 Disrupting the Insurance Industry with AI

🎧 Surveillance Capitalism

🎧 AI's Near Future

🎧 Autonomous Economy

🎧 Embedding AI in Business

🎧 The Truth About Autonomy

🎧 AI and the Genetic Revolution

🎧 When AI Meets Medicine

🎧 Creating the Data Economy

🔮Blockchain & trust; China unveiled; ergodicity; black holes, Gorbachev & pizza++ #231

🎧 Exponential biology, insuretech, governing AI

🔮 Why geography matters; where smart money is heading; bike freeways; feminist sci-fi++ #230

📚 What are you reading this summer?

🔮 After cars; building intelligence; progress; social credit, Fortnite, fraud farms++ #229

💭 Brexit: Where to next?

🔮 Change signals, intellectual debt, FB's tipping point, online dating, round Earth++ #228

💭 The Authoritarian Dynamic

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