Sitemap - 2018 - Exponential View by Azeem Azhar

🔮🌟 The top stories of 2018; reviewing my predictions; what to look forward to in 2019++ #198

🔮 The new authoritarianism; technological innovation; automating the middle class; Chinese clickfarms, meditation wars, Martian ice++ #197

🔮 The Bill of Data Rights; AI progress; the purpose of the corporation; geo-anthropology; Chinese chips, asexual rice & naughty seals++ #196

🔮 AI beyond deep learning; thinking about attention; European startups; green ships, cars and planes; subcultures, cephalopods & free houses++ #195

🔮 AI beyond deep learning; self-driving cars; thinking about attention; European startups; green ships, cars and planes; subcultures, cephalopods & free houses++ #195

🔮 Losing the information war; business in a box; CRISPR tinkering; principles of an AI society; fasting, vegan meat & decisions++ #194

🔥 The future of blockchain; climate catastrophe; Zuckerberg's failures; unprejudiced Amazon Go; flat earthers, repetitive songs, wombat poop++ #193

🔮 Oh, Facebook! IQ, speeding evolution, slowing science; designing chatbots; Chomsky vs Piaget; clothes rental, exoplanets, the poop catalogue++ #192

🔮 Engineering biology; disrupting transport; the heartset; weaponised AI kids & faulty rewards++ #191

🔮 Eternal growth; superstar firms; AI vs Moore's Law; opensource rules; democracy in the age of AI; helium, vegans & the appendix++ #190

🔮 The explosion in companies; predicting technology success; moral machines; beyond hard skills; Indian unicorns, billionaires & new words++ #189

🔮 Automation & deglobalisation; attention taxes; the blockchain lie; rethinking cities; dandelions, Alzheimer assets, quiet Finns++ #188

🔮 Knowledge, growth & the market economy; climate crisis; the value of trust; AI, data and health; cubesats, truck drivers and moonmoons++ 187

🔮 Cyberwar; the infrastructure phase; Amazon & AI; Tim's new web; amazing founders; secularization, microbiota & drone killers++ #186

🔮 Softbank’s billions; co-living; platform economies; safe AI; Russian meddling; atoms, mosquitoes, urbanisation++ #185

🔮 Automation, jobs & skills; the electrification of everything; privacy; Chinese podcasts, octopuses & Fortnite++#184

🔮 Long-lived Apple; universal basic mobility; the IoT threat; proof-of-work's efficiency; the new social contract; sperm, bananas, voodoo++ #182

🔮 AI economies; tech nationalism; super freelancers; responsible platforms; mosquitoes & tennis players++ #182

🔮  The rights, ownership, economics & responsibilities of data. A special special. ++ #181

🔮☀️ The AI economy; achieving optimism; blurring machine & human; future business models; peak car; bumper summer special++ #180

🔮 ⚡ Battery wars, China's labor unrest, the future of platforms and work, bluffocracy, Indian food and hypocognition ++ #179

🔮 AI & pedagogy; gene-editing for Mars; new robot vocabulary; caterpillars, whales and Bjork++ #178

🔥 🔮 Apple & the megacorps; blockchain blocked; the humanities crisis; the pros of algorithms & ethics of data; esports, coal & robotic hands++ #177

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🔮 Designing democracy; Amazon’s facial recognition; deep memes & fake ads++ #176

🔮 AI & the blockchain; automation & jobs; big tech vs big government; racism & bots; parking, cities & certainty++ #175

🔮 Quantum computing; face recognition & surveillance; firms, ethics & policy; the great restructuring; helium, populism & positive people ++ #174

🔮 Better VC; rebuilding the Web; self-driving snafus; cities meet tech; emoji, plasma & hipsters++ #173

🔮 Robots or jobs; crypto & the commons; power laws; peak screen, Fortnite & chocolate++ #172

☀️🔮 Understanding Chinese tech giants; the current limits of our AI paradigm; tribal identity & future politics; genes, eels & cocaine++ #171

🔮 AI Nationalism; privacy; the limits of neoliberal techno-capitalism; traffic lights, Proxima Centauri & Airpods++ #170

🔮 Google & the Principles of AI; platforms, markets, firms & workers; Ant, bees & superheavy elements++ #169

🔮 The real AI threat; globalization enters a new phase; universal basic income; the state of the internet; causality, Fortnite, culture wars++ #168

🔮 Innate AI; the automation advantage; corporate innovation; GDPR shenanigans; democracy & Roman ice++ #167

🔮 Inequality; the artificial in AI; African leapfrogging; why blockchain is hard; botnets, corvids & ethics++ #166

🔮🔥 New radical empiricism & AI in chemistry, sports, pharmacology & more; fooling AI; crowd wisdom; reducing bovine flatulence++ #165

🔮 AI & the end of capitalism; biologic computing; future factories; populism, COBOL & brioche++ #164

🔮 Jobs or no jobs; AI’s past guides its future; against metrics; pineapples, bacteria & influencers++ #163

🔮 AI is just beginning; global governance; the returns on deep learning; AI pay goes exponential, dolphin people & ketamine++ #162

🔮✨ Should AI be left to the market? Rights for robots. Measuring productivity & how to treat data. Prime number magic ++ #161

🔮 💥 The end of Windows; AI & the end of ; future work; China's social credit, renewables, Bible, and consciousness++ #160

🔮🐇 National AI; machine behaviour and moral machines; the limits of robots; sci-fi, Viagra and making friends++ #159

🔮🎉 Third birthday special: Facebook’s problems; Uber’s crash; the world with AI everywhere; waste in India & sexual identities++ #158  

🔮 Crypto networks & cities, decarbonization, an AI Hippocratic oath, ride-sharing, black holes & 3D-printed sushi++ #157

🔮⚡ Toomas Ilves special: Sovereignty in the digital age; networked governments, dominant platforms & the two cultures ++ #156

🔮 Blockchain, incentive machine; surviving the gig economy; securing the new internet; matriarchal societies, male violence, Winnie the Pooh++ #155

🔮 Becoming a centaur; creative destruction; virtual citizens; why decentralisation matters; power laws, peak oil & passwords ++ #154 

🔮⚡ Zeynep Tufekci special: Bitcoin, libertarian paradise? Hackers coming for ML; consequences of Facebook; YT's radicalization engine ++ #153

🔮 Automation & inequality; the death of clothing; deep learning’s godfather; punks, Swedish pop & exoplanets++ #152

🔮 How AI changed Amazon; bikes vs cars; the rise of the artisan; cloning yourself; panpsychism, talking Orcas and science in North Korea++ #151

🔮 Apple’s step to the future; the reskilling opportunity; quantum computing’s fuzzy future; FB & the truth; creating clever animals++ #150

🔮 Taming the giants; the iOS economy; beyond the bitcoin bubble; bad UI, sugar & smart speakers++ #149

🔮 Augmenting humans, securing the planet; exposing biased algorithms; clever birds, children’s books and Kremlin tactics++ #148

🔮 Investing in crypto; the upside of Meltdown; rocky road; Zuck’s mea culpa; bacteria, matter & fake celebrities++  #147