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As AI, synthetic biology, renewable energy — and other exponential technologies — mature, they challenge our economic and social fabric in chaotic ways. Azeem Azhar brings clarity to this chaos in his weekly newsletter Exponential View, all the while helping you identify new opportunities in your industry.

Azeem Azhar is one of the leading thinkers making sense of the rapid transformation of our society as new technology platforms become ubiquitous and drive transformation across the economy. Azeem brings his long-time experience as a technology founder, investor, regulator, and analyst in the weekly assessment of the crucial dynamics of the Exponential Age. He is the author of the best-selling book Exponential, praised as “a convincing case that something extraordinary is taking place in business and society” (The Economist, 2021).

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Azeem Azhar 
I've founded companies, raised venture capital, exited, invested in startups, and failed many times.
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I am the Managing Director @ Exponential View.
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Founder associate at Exponential View. Find me on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chantal-jm-smith/