My book "Exponential"

Between faster computers, better software and bigger data, ours is the first era in human history in which technology is constantly accelerating. Exponential technology is transforming all of our lives. Azeem’s first book “Exponential” explains how.

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The book to make sense of the modern world

Azeem Azhar is one of the best-regarded thought leaders in the industry. But more importantly, he has a broad understanding of the exponential ways technology can be used to solve our biggest problems, shape our society, and bridge cultural divides. — Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO of Spotify

Azeem Azhar, writer, technologist, and creator of the acclaimed Exponential View newsletter, understands this shift better than anyone. As a practitioner, theoretician and polymath, Azeem’s been part of the technology industry for over two decades, having built and sold technology startups, worked with UK regulators, and served on advisory boards of major public and private companies.

Technology, Azeem argues, is developing at an increasing, exponential rate. But human society - from our businesses to our political institutions - can only ever adapt at a slower, incremental pace. The result is the “exponential gap”, a gap between the power of new technologies and humans’ ability to keep up.

In his first book, Exponential, Azhar shows how this exponential gap can explain our society’s most pressing problems, including:

  • The gulf between established businesses and fast-growing digital platforms,

  • The inability of nation states to deal with new forms of cyberwarfare,

  • And the sclerotic response of liberal democracies to fast-moving social problems.

The exponential gap is not inevitable. Drawing on fields as varied as economics, political science and psychology, Azhar sketches out how we can harness the power of tech to serve our real needs, fostering new ways of doing business, innovative forms of politics, and fresh approaches to national defence.

The result is a holistic new way to make sense of the modern world.


Paul Daugherty, Group Chief Executive Officer, Technology, Accenture

Azeem is a master at interpreting a dazzling array of trends and illuminating the future. Exponential is a must read to understand the problems, promise, and paths forward on the exponential journey ahead for us as individuals, businesses, and society.

Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and author of Blitzscaling

Comprehensive but lively . . . An essential addition to the ongoing discourse about where remarkable new technologies can take us, and where we should be aiming to go. Highly recommended!

Mariana Mazzucato, Author of “The Value of Everything” and “Mission Economy”

Read this book if you are interested in how we can design a more inclusive and sustainable system with a re-direction of technological change at its centre.


The Economist

Azeem Azhar: “Even if robots have yet to take all the jobs, technology is fundamentally reshaping the nature of work in other ways, as firms rethink their businesses after the pandemic. There will be new skills to learn, new responsibilities to master and new models of remote and hybrid working. Employees will be forced to adapt.”


Azeem Azhar: “Entrepreneurs and investors will not be able to change the world’s economy by themselves. In 2021, we will understand that replacing incumbent systems with cleantech will require the co-operation of large companies and governments, too.”

The Washington Post

“The coronavirus is creating a fundamental opportunity to remake the economy,” says Azeem Azhar.

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