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This interview may cost me a lot of time. There is enough meat here that I think I may need my own substack. [The same was true of last week's program with Kaja Kallas.]

An example. I'm accustomed to thinking of open source as a solution. Sam points out that the growth of open source projects building on AI, opens up deep problems of regulation and governance.

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Great interview. It's always interesting to listen to his point of view. Some naysayers are already saying "ahh there is less traffic on the openAI site, it's just a fad, it's not going to work" ... I really think he has a strong vision, and I'm curious to see what his next move will be. He mentioned in the interview with Kara Swisher "I'm not worried by the 234th startup doing an LLM. I'm worried about 3 guys in a garage with a totally different approach" ...

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