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Love the mention energy, how it relates to climate change.

Unfortunately, the fossil fuel subsidy has many dimensions and its roots run deep, making it difficult to make meaningful progress. From OPEC to oil drilling, gas stations, and trucks, many individuals depend on the #fossilfuel industry for their livelihoods. And as the saying goes - “if your livelihood depends on not understanding something, you won’t”

That's why instead of demonizing those who work in fossil fuel industry, we need to understand what’s their challenge. We need to set our differences aside and work together to find a path forward. We have no time to waste. I'm asking this community for help.

If you or someone you know is working towards creating economic opportunities for those in the fossil fuel industry, please connect with me. I'm eager to offer my problem-solving and communication skills to accelerate progress towards a green future.

Although I'm not an expert in sustainability, I'm committed to understanding the problem better. If you're a sustainability expert and would like to help me think through the problem, please reach out.

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