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Hi everyone!I’ve been lucky enough to get to know the work of Jeni Tennison and The Open Data Institute a little during the past year or so. They are thinking very deeply about how to build trusted institutions and systems around data. I believe this is vital work. A world where citizen-consumers understand the value and risks of data may get us to a higher energy level where we can use data to tackle causes of disease, unhappiness & inequality while maintaining a healthy balance of power between the individual, family & community and business. One where we (and policymakers) don’t understand the range of ecosystems we can build around data (and the rules that govern them) lends itself to our lurching with ill-informed knee-jerk responses to real or imagined data abuses. Equally, a more nuanced understanding of the economics of data will allow better investments by firms and, in economist's terms, result in welfare gains.

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