Seriously, Amazon!? 📚🤨


Here’s a huge apology if you ordered my book but you didn’t receive it.

Amazon lists both paperback and hardback on its site despite the fact that paperback doesn’t come out until 2022 😑! Many of you, not unreasonably, ordered the paperback only to discover in the past few days that Amazon has cancelled those orders.

If you’re one of the readers who ordered a paperback copy of my book – please do me a favour: 1) cancel your first order - or not, and 2) order a hardcover.

I’m so sorry to make you do double work, but this will get you my book in a matter of days.

The book seems to be doing well. The Guardian said some very nice things about it, as did London’s Sunday Times which called it “enticing” and “essential.”

But my favourite reviews come from you! Take this one from Rodolfo Rosini, who has been a subscriber since 2015:

Sorry again for the many who you who have had to wait since May—only to by stymied by Amazon. A couple of clicks should hopefully sort it out.

My apologies for clogging up your mailbox with this extra message. We had a lot of feedback about this problem and we don’t know who was unlucky enough to be affected by it.



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