✨ Investing in Web3.0 with Amy Wu, FTX Ventures

In the early 90s, the Internet became open and free to users. The first web browser became available, ten years after its conception. Now, we are seven years into the development of a decentralised Internet through Web3. I’ve been wondering at which point Web3 will evolve from early stages liken to the 1990s, into the next paradigm.

This week on the podcast, I discuss prospects of Web3 and crypto, and look at the world of blockchain gaming with Amy Wu, investor running crypto fund FTX Ventures. We delve into the mass adoption of crypto, how to evaluate a startup’s potential, and the governance mechanisms which are driving decentralisation.

The big idea

As the second largest crypto exchange in the world, FTX is a prominent player in making crypto ubiquitous. Their vision is to facilitate the adoption of blockchain within consumer apps and video games, and to normalise the use of crypto across the board. As Amy put it

Potentially the majority of the world’s crypto transactions can actually be happening, not on exchanges, but in embedded apps, within consumer apps. That’s where we would like to be.

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