Important: Migration from Substack

Important: Migration from Substack


We have important news.

We are migrating the home of Exponential View from Substack, the platform we've used in the past three years to deliver EV, to the open-source publishing platform Ghost.

How will this affect you?

In the best case scenario (the one we’re going for!), you won’t be affected. You will keep receiving our emails as you have all along. You’ll be able to forward and share the newsletter, and comment on posts if you’re a member.

Why are we migrating?

We were on Substack early on, and we’re forever grateful to the founders Chris Best, Hamish McKenzie and Jairaj Sethi for building a product that helped us (and thousands of others) transform Exponential View into a membership business.

They were nothing but supportive along the way, and we wish them all the best as they continue to build Substack (we have no doubt they'll be successful).

However, Exponential View has grown significantly from where we were when we first moved to Substack; not only has our audience grown in size, but our understanding of what Exponential View is has expanded. To better support the evolving nature of our venture, we need a more flexible platform.

That brings us to Ghost, an open-source publishing platform run by a non-profit organisation headquartered in Singapore. Ghost will give us significantly more control over our work, how we connect with you, and how we grow our business. We appreciate their dedication to sustainable open-source software, and it’s a nice bonus that they keep their business metrics publicly visible on their homepage.

Just in case…

You should receive our next email just fine, but in case something goes wrong and you miss the newsletter next Sunday, please let us know at


Azeem and the Exponential View team

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