💡 We're hiring a marketer


  • We’re looking for a marketing generalist with experience in consumer subscription business to optimise and own our sustained growth and commercial efforts
  • Experience: 5-8 years
  • Location: remote. We’ll prioritise candidates in the UK, but remain open to candidates globally

Exponential View is a newsletter, podcast and a community founded by Azeem Azhar in 2015 with the mission to offer deep understanding of the technologies which are driving the transition to the Exponential Age.

The mission of Exponential View today is not only to understand the transformation we’re undergoing, but also to provide a platform for building and investing towards a positive, just, and expansive future. As such, Exponential View sits at the intersection of content creation, community, and inspiring new ways of thinking and acting in the changing world.

What’s my contribution?

You will be on the front line of growing Exponential View through sustained efforts to promote growth, customer retention, and conversion. You will be in charge of building robust flywheels between different parts of the business, in order to ensure membership growth feedback loops across our newsletter, community and the podcast. This opportunity will suit professionals with 5-8 years of experience in consumer subscription businesses.

What are my key responsibilities?

  • Grow the newsletter’s free user base
  • Increasing conversions of free members to paying members
  • Improve and maintain retention of free and paying members
  • Support commercial activity by providing relevant data and analysis to our commercial lead
  • Create growth and retention flywheels between podcast, newsletter and community
  • Establish, measure and report on growth KPIs
  • Ensure our message to commercial partners is coherent and persuasive

What we’re looking for:

Our ideal candidate has the following qualities - and yes we’re looking for left- and right-brain:

  • Future-positive, optimistic (read more about what we mean by “optimism”)
  • Go-getter attitude, gets stuff done
  • Analytically driven and comfortable with analysis tools and capable of learning new ones. (e.g. Proftitwell, GA, Stripe)
  • Understands cohort analysis
  • Practical experience of putting analysis into execution with real results
  • Communications oriented: Alignment of storyline across various commercial outputs
  • Experience in subscription and retention based businesses
  • Experienced in high-growth, particularly venture-backed, firms is a plus.

We’re not a traditional team: it is a unique opportunity to work in a startup that sits across vertical social networks and digital media in the creator economy. While working with Marija (our managing director), you’ll spend a lot of time with Azeem.

Why you might be interested:

  • You want to contribute to scaling an impactful venture in an evolving industry
  • You want to work in a startup environment with significant autonomy
  • You want direct exposure to founders, investors, policy-makers, academics, thinkers and builders focused on the future.

Hours and compensation:

We are looking for a contractor who can work a minimum of 4 days per week. The contract will be signed on a 6-month basis. Compensation: per diem to discuss

We are primarily looking for professionals in the UK, but we remain open to talent elsewhere.


Send your CV and a note that gives us at least one relevant case study and a clear picture of why you're right to help this special team to marija@exponentialview.co.


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