🔮 Happy ⓶⓪⓵⓻ Moore's Law, complex societies, inequality & more++ #94

🔮  Happy ⓶⓪⓵⓻ Moore's Law, complex societies, inequality & more++ #94
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Moore’s Law; complex societies; Apple’s supply chain; deep learning; unethical Silicon Valley; inequality; Tesla’s remarkable safety

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Dept of 2017

💻 Exponential Laws of Computing Growth: excellent ACM review of how Moore’s Law came to be.

😠 Must read: a society too complex for its people risks everything

🍏 Inside Apple’s China supply chain (Also, Foxconn’s plans for automation.)

😱 Tech companies can’t claim to be neutral platforms anymore

🔮 By me: about the Exponential View & tech’s coming responsibilities. (long read)

🔌 The path to cheaper deep learning

📈 When reality is made of bits by EV reader, Stefano Zorzi

🌏 Superb. Bill Janeaway: the retreat from hyperglobalization.

⚖ Inequality will be a major theme for 2017. Branko Milanovic on the subject is excellent. Also this interview with Milanovic is worth reading: To Understand 2016’s Politics, Look at the Winners and Losers of Globalization.)

🚘 Watch a Tesla’s autopilot predict an accident and protect its passengers

End note

An unplanned quick issue to say:

Happy New Year! Thanks for supporting Exponential View in 2016.

And have a productive, happy, fulfilling 2017!



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