💬 Friday thread: the roaring 20s?

Last year I put a poll to my Twitter audience. The question was simple:

The pandemic will be followed by?

  • Roaring 2020s
  • Depression and unrest

I repeated the question this week.

Now, with all the caveats of Twitter polls (they are not robust nor scientifically valid), I did spot a shift that anecdotally aligned with the mood music I am hearing.

It seems like we’re getting less optimistic about the coming years.

For today’s discussion, please share your thoughts about what the next decade could look like. Have you changed your opinion over the past year? If so, how and why? What are the signs that you think augur well? What are the tailwinds? What role will technology firms play in this? What role will technology play? How will the drive to decarbonise accentuate a boom or worsen a depression?

Note on how to reply: Shorter responses of max three paragraphs work really well. If your response gets much longer than 300 words, I suggest stopping there so other members can respond. You can then continue the conversation at that point. Very long compound replies may get ignored by readers. It is better to break them up as separate points.




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