🎧 Exponential biology, insuretech, governing AI

Bonus podcast episodes about the future
🎧 Exponential biology, insuretech, governing AI

Hi everyone,

Our team is preparing the new season of the Exponential View podcast. I’ll be in conversations with some of the leading thinkers discussing the past, present and the future of technology and society, including with Andrew Ng, General Sir Richard Barrons, and Carlota Perez.

New episodes come out in early October, but until then we have a treat for your summer break: three bonus episodes which you can listen to right now. We present:

  1. My conversation with Daniel Schreiber, CEO of Lemonade, the leading insuretech startup which is using AI to revolutionise insurance. Listen here
  2. My conversation with Joanna Bryson and De Kai about AI governance, recorded at the CogX AI Festival in London. Listen here
  3. We hosted two and a half days of great talks at Exponential View stage at CogX. One of our favourites was this panel on the future of biology. Investor Carina Namih’s conversation with investor Gigi Levy-Weiss, entrepreneur James Field, and author Oliver Morton, about exponential biology and businesses forming at the intersection of biology and AI. Listen here

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