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Taking the Mickey
Even as Disney ramps up its own content spending, Netflix is securing vastly more movie copyrights than the venerable entertainment firm.

Source: James McMahon

Packet switched
Amazon’s proprietary logistics business slowed its relative growth these past couple of years. Still, the firm is planning to foster more players in the space through a new venture fund.

Source: Axios

Dump and dump
Many of Tiger Global’s top public holdings find themselves in the toilet. While the Nasdaq Composite is about 25% off its November peak, many of Tiger’s cubs are faring far worse.

Source: Wall Street Journal


Renewable monarchy
By the Queen’s 70th Jubilee, Britain gets more electricity from low-carbon sources than all sources when she was crowned in 1952.

Source: National Grid ESO 

The collapse of the Russian automotive sector
Sales of cars in Russia have decreased by 83.5%* in May 2022 compared to May 2021, a decrease of 123,110 units to 24,268. Lada remains the most sold brand, with more than 160,000 unit sales in 2022 so far.

*Doesn’t include BMW Group sales

Source: AEB via BenAris


Old is gold
The median age of authors published by different university publishers varies quite significantly. Columba, Nebraska and Oxford seem to increasingly prefer older and older writers. Cornell, Harvard and Arizona the writing of youth.

Source: Benjamin Schmidt 

Catching Maverick
The age gap between Tom Cruise and his female co-stars widened during the actor's mid-40s. Jennifer Connolly closes the gap in Top Gun: Maverick.

Source: Macro Hive via Paul Kedrosky

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