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Dept of health & politics

This week, news that the Roe v. Wade ruling could be overturned sent shockwaves across the United States, and the world. The 1973 ruling protected womenโ€™s rights to have an abortion, and its overturning would mean that individual states could reintroduce a ban as they wish (up to half are predicted to do so). As millions of American women could lose their right to legal and safe abortion, I explore how our relationship with health are shifting.

Wrong direction
Maternal mortality rates in America are far higher than any other advanced economy - and getting worse.

Source: The Lancet via NPR

The data speaks
Americans are on balance (the purple line shows the sample) more liberal than fundamental in their views on abortion.

Source: Ryan Burge

How about the rest of the world?
Americans are still, on average, less liberal than many Western countries. While the Swedes broadly agree that abortion should be legal, the Turkish and Romanian populations still seems starkly divided on the issue.

Source: Politico

The American model
Whether by choice, or because of mile-long waiting lists, Britons are increasingly turning towards private healthcare. Out-of-pocket spending is approaching American levels.

Source: Financial Times

Dept of money

Zoom shares shiver
Zoom share prices have gone back down to February 2020, the very start of the pandemic.

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