📊 EV’s Charts of the Week #55

Money; Electric cars; Virus particles ++

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Department of Money

Old money, new money

Fascinating data from France shows that retirees have a higher average income than working people. In 2016, the median income before redistribution, excluding the financial income of pensioners, was 22,370 Euros. Via Chris Pope

Due to French pension taxes, the poor pay higher marginal tax rates than the wealthy. Top 1% of the French have the lowest relative tax burden. Via Revolution Fiscale

Equalising until it wasn’t

Over the past 100 years, the equalisation of wealth has increased steadily in the West. Inequality stops declining and starts to increase in the mid 1979s with the shift in economic orthodoxy. Via Vox EU

The real 1%

Half of the wealthiest 1% in the world live in the US. Branko Milanovic makes a great point that if you are in the top income bracket in the US, you can’t say that “we are the 99%” globally. Via Branko Milanovic

Poverty in China

China’s economic miracle is no secret. The country has engaged in historical reductions of extreme poverty since 1981 [75% of global poverty reduction!]. New reporting from the Wall Street Journal suggests that it will be tougher to get factual information about the Chinese economy in the near term. Via Lugo et al

Crushed by the wheels of industry

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