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It’s remotely possible

Remote work amongst software developers has been growing significantly, as shown above. The proportion of jobs mentioning “remote” nearly doubled between 2012 and the start of the pandemic. Since then, 77% of job openings for programmers have mentioned remote working.

Does this presage a wider shift outside of programming jobs? New forms of work patterns like bean bags in the office and agile project management have often emerged from the tech industry to be cloned in other sectors. Or is this just reflective of the bargaining power of the coder? Are programmers in such demand that they can dictate their terms to potential employers? That might be the case but we need to pay attention to their sector for signals of larger shifts in the workforce.   Via The Economist

Regional pay

The prospect of remote work brings with it the ability to relocate to more affordable areas. Companies like Facebook and Google are taking a potentially risky strategy of rebasing salaries based on where workers live. Via FT

Vaccines required

Across multiple sectors of society, vaccination is fast becoming a requirement for entry and participation. New York might be an example of what's to come.  Via Hiring Lab

Teams are getting siloed

Data from conversations on Microsoft Teams shows that workers tend to lean on their close networks of colleagues in remote work situations. This problem will need to be addressed as serendipity is a key ingredient of successful companies and groupthink doesn’t spur innovation. Via Microsoft

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