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Another world is possible

A varied approach to transport where human-power options are integral is a great way to reach net-zero emissions and elevate living standards in our cities.  Via Brent Toderian

Cost-benefit analysis

The cost of automation technology in vehicles varies greatly depending on what problem you are solving. Look at the difference between feet-off sensors compared with “mind-off” technology. Via FT

Another automotive revolution

Tesla sales are on par with early Ford Model T sales. Via Sam Korus


Covid brain fog

A new study revealed remarkable cognitive declines related to Covid-19. The more serious the symptoms, the worse the effect. The average Covid patient who was put on a ventilator had a cognitive decline of 0.5 standard deviations (which in IQ terms is roughly 7 points). Via The Lancet

Variants and vaccines

A large study of mRNA vaccine effectiveness for people with prior Covid found that "among those vaccinated with BNT162b2, protection against infection was further enhanced, and infection incidence was further reduced by prior infection". Via Eric Topol

Spicy food and pathogens

Do spices harm pathogens? A recent study (data presented above) mined biomedical abstracts and found 8172 positive spice-disease associations and 783 negative. Ed Hagen notes that “positive associations of spices against intestinal diseases rank near the top, and there is also evidence for broader health benefits.” Via Ed Hagen


Big in Japan

Chinese companies are investing large sums into sponsorship at the Tokyo Olympics. For the first time, Olympic Tier 1 sponsors will include two Chinese companies. Via The Wire

What’s the true cost?

There is some conflicting data about the actual cost of the Tokyo Olympics, but it will be costly. The Wall Street Journal has it as the most expensive in history, but other outlets still see the Sochi games as the most expensive. If you consider the lost tourism revenue from the spectator-less games, the 2020 Olympics will leave a deep dent in the coffers. Via WSJ

Tech and Telecoms used to dominate football shirt sponsorship in the English Premier League, but they are losing the title to betting companies. Via The Economist


Bureau of land (mis)mangement

The amount of land used for animal agriculture is staggering in the UK and much more extreme in other countries such as the US. Surely there is a better way. Via Mike Butcher

Challenging preconceptions of equality

It’s easy to forget how long it took Western Europe to grant women full suffrage, and there are a fair number of preconceptions that this map might challenge. For example, Turkish women had the right to vote an entire decade before their French counterparts.  Via Reddit

The nuclear arms race 2.0

China is expanding its nuclear capacity with a second missile silo field. The arms race continues. Via Federation of American Scientists


The dethroned king


Cash had a bad 2020 in the US. The use of paper money took a major hit as payment cards, and electronic payments rose. The old-fashioned cheque is sticking around for some curious reason.  Via Axios

No home, no problem

If you are young and your employer allows “work from anywhere”, chances are that you will be picking up and leaving town. Is this a benefit from the inability of Gen Z and Millennials not being able to purchase homes? Via Fortune

The poor get... richer?

Data from FRED reveals that net worth gains were largest for the least wealthy Americans in 2020. It is a counter to the common 1% narrative. This outcome stems from the fact that this group holds a larger proportion of their wealth in real estate assets. Real estate has performed well, relatively, compared to financial instruments held, by and large, by the wealthy. Via FRED


The fine print

The confusion of the trading symbol ETH is hilarious. Via J.C. Parets


The combined market cap of FANGMAN (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Nvidia) just topped $10tn for the first time. Via Holger Zschaeptiz

Pick your poison

Wine is becoming big business in Britain but beer remains king. Via Anton Guerra.


There are so many issues that emerge from today’s charts. The two standouts for me are the sales ramp of the Tesla and its similarity to that of the Model T Ford and the first data on Covid brain fog.

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