📊 EV’s charts of the week #1 beta

📊 EV’s charts of the week #1 beta


We’re trialling a new Wednesday mail for members. It is a weekly chart drop. I see so many interesting analyses each week and want to share them with you. Comments are open for you to discuss with other members, building on the success of our Friday discussions.


Biden’s 70% support


Joe Biden’s victory equalled 70% of the US economy, essentially “diverse, college-educated professions in professional and digital services occupations.” This economic rift will likely magnify into deep clashes between the political parties.

The winners

The winner-take-all economy in the US visualised. I’m curious about putting this together with the data above.

Apple speed

Slowly but surely Apple’s native chipsets have got more and more powerful, and they have done so faster than Intel’s. This is a textbook case of bottom-up disruption, starting away from Intel’s main turf and now exceeding it. The M-1 chip, announced yesterday, will likely be 30% more powerful than the A14 and use less power. (More detailed write-up here.)

Superspreader: virus gonna find ya’

Researchers studied 85,000 infected individuals and 575,000 contacts. They found that 60% of infections were caused by just a tenth of the people. (Apologies for the lame Abba pun.)


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