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#173🔮Better VC; rebuilding the Web; self-driving snafus; cities meet tech; emoji, plasma & hipsters++

#172🔮Robots or jobs; crypto & the commons; power laws; peak screen, Fortnite & chocolate++

#171🔮 Understanding Chinese tech giants; the current limits of our AI paradigm; tribal identity & future politics; genes, eels & cocaine++

#170🔮AI Nationalism; privacy; the limits of neoliberal techno-capitalism; traffic lights, Proxima Centauri & Airpods++

#169🔮 Google & the Principles of AI; platforms, markets, firms & workers; Ant, bees & superheavy elements++

#168🔮 The real AI threat; globalization enters a new phase; universal basic income; the state of the internet; causality, Fortnite, culture wars++

#167🔮Innate AI; the automation advantage; corporate innovation; GDPR shenanigans; democracy & Roman ice++

#166🔮 Inequality; the artificial in AI; African leapfrogging; why blockchain is hard; botnets, corvids & ethics++

#165🔮 New radical empiricism & AI in chemistry, sports, pharmacology & more; fooling AI; crowd wisdom; reducing bovine flatulence++

#164🔮AI & the end of capitalism; biologic computing; future factories; populism, COBOL & brioche++

#163🔮 Jobs or no jobs; AI’s past guides its future; against metrics; pineapples, bacteria & influencers++

#162🔮AI is just beginning; global governance; the returns on deep learning; AI pay goes exponential, dolphin people & ketamine++

#161🔮  Should AI be left to the market? Rights for robots. Measuring productivity & how to treat data. Prime number magic++

#160🔮 The end of Windows; AI & the end of ; future work; China's social credit, renewables, Bible, and consciousness++ 

#159🔮 National AI; machine behaviour and moral machines; the limits of robots; sci-fi, Viagra and making friends++ 

#158🔮 Third birthday special: Facebook’s problems; Uber’s crash; the world with AI everywhere; waste in India & sexual identities++

#157🔮 Crypto networks & cities, decarbonization, an AI Hippocratic oath, ride-sharing, black holes & 3D-printed sushi++

#156🔮 Toomas Ilves special: Sovereignty in the digital age; networked governments, dominant platforms & the two cultures++ 

#155🔮 Blockchain, incentive machine; surviving the gig economy; securing the new internet; matriarchal societies, male violence, Winnie the Pooh++

#154🔮 Becoming a centaur; creative destruction; virtual citizens; why decentralisation matters; power laws, peak oil & passwords++

#153🔮 Zeynep Tufekci special: Bitcoin, libertarian paradise? Hackers coming for ML; consequences of Facebook; YT's radicalization engine++

#152🔮 Automation & inequality; the death of clothing; deep learning’s godfather; punks, Swedish pop & exoplanets++

#151🔮 How AI changed Amazon; bikes vs cars; the rise of the artisan; cloning yourself; panpsychism, talking Orcas and science in North Korea++

#150🔮 Apple’s step to the future; the reskilling opportunity; quantum computing’s fuzzy future; FB & the truth; creating clever animals++

#149🔮 Taming the giants; the iOS economy; beyond the bitcoin bubble; bad UI, sugar & smart speakers++

#148🔮 Augmenting humans, securing the planet; exposing biased algorithms; clever birds, children’s books and Kremlin tactics++

#147🔮 Investing in crypto; the upside of Meltdown; rocky road; Zuck’s mea culpa; bacteria, matter & fake celebrities++ 

#146🔮  18 predictions for 2018

#145🔮  In code we trust; the ethics economy; obsoleting programmers; my favourite books of 2017++

#144🔮 Augmenting human intelligence; two views of the algorithmic enterprise; the new political economy; China, Estonia, dogs vs cats++

#143🔮 AlphaZero; trustworthiness in AI; the future of work; cryptobubbles; shaking dice, Lenin as a mushroom++

#142🔮  The intelligence explosion; how AI, smartphones and design impact the economy; Bitcoin’s trajectory; GM’s autonomous car; sleepy finches, PPT++

#141🔮 Explainable AI; non-human design; equality & GDP; China's rise; water on Mars, ketamine in mice++

#140🔮 Autonomous weapons; software & machine learning; the church of AI, gene editing and ant zombies++

#139🔮 Globalization & pitchforks; Long-term stock exchange; the reality of retail apocalypse; psycho airplane computer++

#138🔮 A new golden age; brains & AI; the fragmentation of America; social media & democracy; mushrooms under Paris ++

#137🔮  Mustafa Suleyman special; fair society, fair tech; inflated unicorns; rethinking commons and trust; manservants and misogyny ++ 

#136🔮  The AI issue: progress, economy, jobs & learning; Tezos tantrum; paperclips, concrete, Soviet Woodstock++ 

#135🔮 Self-conscious machines; attitudes to automation; trust in the platform age; urban mobility; online dating & society; roboroaches++

#134🔮  Blockchains & human progress; the new gilded age; 3D printing vs globalisation; industrial farming; air taxis, tube trains, Uber driving++ 

#133🔮 🇨🇳 David Schlesinger China special; an AI-first digital economy; the state of surveillance; Party Congres; dental robots, Teslas & pandas++

#132🔮 The sublime Apple Watch; tech, governments & regulation; bitcoin’s value; energy breakthroughs; tulips, octopuses & teens++

#131🔮  iPhoneX & vertical integration; how robots change work; human evolution; blockchain & VC; voting dogs, vengeful politicians, rude mothers++

#130🔮 Predicting AI; return of the city-state; keeping below 2°C; machine learning’s privacy challenge; GoT, Satoshi, fake Americans++

#129🔮 Cryptofunding takes on VC; Harvey & climate change; AI: profits, losses; measuring AI, Juicero++

#128 🔮 🚀 Blockchains & tokens; Uber’s business plan; Apple & Tesla have prangs; Chinese AI; meatless meat, lava lamps & North Korean spies++

#127 🔮 ✨ The internet & civil society; state of cryptocurrency; sexism in tech & economics; AI and art; large planets, cryonics & curing allergies++

#126 🔮  Dan Gillmor special; redecentralizing the Internet; innovative digital journalism; Apple vs privacy; climate, prison visits and emojis++

#125 🔮 Martha Lane Fox special. On power and technology; wellness in digital society; Jobs and Kalanick; Gore, Tufekci, Arendt++ 

#124🔮 🏖️ Optimism and progress; Musk v Zuck; designing cities; optimism; virality; the best of the best summer vacation special++

#123 🔮 AI & Moore’s Law; the end of the petrol car; sewbots, cobots, sexbots; big data; cash in China++

#122🔮 ✨  Saul Klein special: Zebra economy, the rise of Chinafrica, crypto bubble burst, teleporting++

#121🔮 AI as disrupted innovation, Facebook's fake news admission, tech sexism, neoliberal overarch++

#120🔮 AI's impact on the economy, the end of ownership, the rise of thought leaders, new elements++

#119 🔮 Uber and leadership, emotions at work, Apple's secrecy, quantum computing, electric planes++

#118 🔮 🤖  Apple’s auto ambition; robots, work & cheese; inconspicuous consumption;  Ibn Khaldun++

#117 🔮  Apple AI; investing in AI; fake news pathology; big oil dies; digital therapeutics++

#116 🔮 Crypto tokens emerging; the $7 trillion transport opportunity; programmable matter, macaques++

#115 🔮 When will AI exceed humans? Moderating Facebook; the disappearing computer, R2D2 & helium;

#114 🔮 The FB President; data & democracy; renewables ascendant; airlines, red meat & Mar-a-Lago++

#113 🔮 Accelerationism; WannaCry & cybersecurity;  innovation in AI; unbiasing machine learning; Macron's honeypots, Brexit hiring, Nvidia++ 

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