🔮 EV 343 corrected URLs

Due to a “fat finger error” there were problems with two URLs in EV#343 that landed in your inbox on Sunday morning. The rest of that edition is super juicy, so please dive into it!

My apologies. The corrected links are below.

The tao of DAO

Long-ish historicisation of decentralized autonomous organisations by Kei Kreutler. (h/t Michael Keating.) Writes Keutler:

DAOs can move towards a syncretic theory of organizations, meaning a theory which incorporates a wide range of cultural patterns, practices, and influences while recognizing its inherited political biases.... Making the internet a place not only for transactions but for relationships and thought itself... relies on the depth of these narratives.

And... from our member update section:

Hannah Tucker’s new paper on the systems view on sustainability is out.

Sorry again!
😬 Azeem


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