🌟 Disruption at Tesla & Nokia; end of Moore's Law; protecting our attention; gravitational waves; lessons in love; cryogenics++ #49

🌟 Disruption at Tesla & Nokia; end of Moore's Law; protecting our attention; gravitational waves; lessons in love; cryogenics++ #49
The Exponential View

Moore’s Law is coming to and end; disruption in action, Tesla and Nokia; how we found gravitational waves; the problem with digital addiction; exponential valentines (polyamory, marriage data, and successful sex lives); addictive cheese

Shorter edition this week: I am on the half-term break with my family.

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Dept of the near future

💡 What does the end of Moore’s Law mean? The semiconductor industry is abandoning Moore’s Law as the key driver of it’s roadmap but “[i]nnovation will absolutely continue — but it will be more nuanced and complicated” MUST READ (See also Ars’ more technical view.)

🔬 “Holy shit, what is this?” How scientists finally unearthed gravitational waves. STUNNING New Yorker portrait

💉 We are hopelessly hooked. “Aspirations for humanistic digital design have been overwhelmed so far by the imperatives of the startup economy” **EXCELLENT LONG READ. **

💀 Who killed Nokia? Nokia. “[It] lost the smartphone battle because of divergent shared fears among the company’s middle and top managers led to company-wide inertia that left it powerless to respond to Apple’s game-changing device” argue Quy Huy and Timo Vuori. GOOD ANALYSIS

🔥 Tesla is disrupting the luxury car market. Industry growth stalled, Tesla’s shipments rose 50%. AMAZING DATA

Dept of intelligent cars

All the things autonomous cars will change (infographic)

Google told: your AI can get a driver’s license

Tesla’s Mark 3 is to be announced in March.

Driving is losing its allure for Americans. Increasing numbers do not have driver’s licenses.

Watch someone summon their Tesla from their Apple Watch. (Shades of Hasslehof)

Interesting: British startup, Improbable, is developing an OS for autonomous vehicle fleets.

Dept of love and lust

It is Valentine’s Day after all, so EV is going a little off piste. Indulge yourself!

💏Polyamory is on the rise. Two interesting takes: to be young and polyamorous in the age of OK Cupid.

Fusion magazine digs deeper into the dynamics of polyamorous relationships.

💍 Who marries whom. Big data analysis shows that while doctors prefer marrying other doctors, CEOs are happy marrying their secretaries.

Do 750k Tinder users have pubic lice?

😘💋 The Wall Street Journal on how to have a sexually satisfying relationship. (tl;dr - chat, frequency, variety and climaxes)

Short morsels to appear smart at dinner parties

👩 Gender bias is software development: women’s code is likely higher quality, but less likely to be used.

The first computer programmers in the world were six women from Philly.

Cheese is as addictive as hard drugs.

Neanderthal DNA is linked with depression in humans.

🐇A rabbit’s brain has been cryogenically frozen and recovered.

🐌 Crazy disco snails.

Patches in the LLVM compiler have shown that Google has developed its own in-house processor.

Interesting overview of Deepmind’s video-game playing AI.

Transcript of two AI bots trying to organise a meeting.

Monty Mumford on the continuing rise of chat networks. (Worth reading)

Comcast has announced gigabit-over-copper services will be launched this year.

Climate change is making air flights longer.

End note

I am on a short break so I have scarpered an issue out. Normal service will resume next week. Enjoy ;)


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