đź’ˇDeciphering AI research for you

We're bridging the gap to foster AI implementation
đź’ˇDeciphering AI research for you

Last year alone, over 60,000 AI papers were published.

Breakthroughs are coming at a rapid pace. How are business and product leaders, and their data science teams, supposed to make sense of it all in order to properly experiment and implement AI? In fact, surveys show that one of the obstacles in AI implementation is the lack of understanding among managers of how the technology works.

I invited a seasoned AI Researcher Libby Kinsey to distill the most important AI and ML research which practitioners should know about at this moment.

The resulting AI Currents report is accessible to those with a strong AI acumen, as well as those who do not speak the language of research.

The report is broken into five segments:

  • A Spotlight on Transformers
  • From Text Sequences to Mathematical Sequences
  • Putting Models Into Production
  • An Exciting Application
  • Reinforcement Learning that Works in Real-World Environments

Each section answers why the research matters, what its implications will be in the next year, and serves as a repository of resources for anyone who wants to go deeper.

AI Currents was produced by Marija Gavrilov.

Libby, Marija and I are looking to hear your feedback, questions and certainly hope that this report helps you see new opportunities.


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