💬 Ask me anything with Azeem Azhar

45 minute AMA with Azeem and EV readers
💬 Ask me anything with Azeem Azhar

Hi there,

So, here’s another experiment! It’s an ‘ask me anything’ on some of the key questions raised by Exponential View. Free members can follow along by refreshing this page and looking at the comments. Premium members can put questions in the comment field below. If you’re not a Premium member, but you want to become one, subscribe here.

I’ll be taking questions for about 45 minutes, starting at 3pm UK time.

Be sure to hit ‘like’ on the questions you appreciate, especially if someone else has asked them; alternatively, add your own clarification or comments.

Over the past six months, I’ve had some amazing discussions with experts in fields as diverse as quantum computing, differences between Western and Chinese approaches to AI; cyber security and the new shape of national conflict; genetic editing and machine learning, and more. I have been distilling my learnings into a framework — the one that forms the basis of the thesis of Exponential View.

Some early ideas of questions include:

  • What are the distinctions in Chinese vs. Western approach on AI ethics?
  • What happens to Western liberal politics in an AI world?
  • Are we facing a deflationary boom that might lead to new Golden age?
  • What is your most memorable podcasting moment?

If you are a Premium member, feel free to ask a question below. And if you like this format, do hit the heart button at the top of this message.

Welcome, I hope you enjoy it!


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