🔮 🚗 Apple & AI; investing in AI; the pathology of fake news; how big oil will die; bikes vs cars; digital therapeutics++ #117

🔮 🚗 Apple & AI; investing in AI; the pathology of fake news; how big oil will die; bikes vs cars; digital therapeutics++ #117

Understanding how fake news spreads. Investing in AI. Apple & AI. Big oil’s problems. Bike sharing vs car sharing.

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⏰  Pathology of a fake news story. Extremely detailed tear-down on how a fake news story originates and is reframed until it looks like real news.

💰 An AI investment framework: Comprehensive and solid investment methodology for AI deals from David Kelnar at MMC Ventures.

Another nice overview of the blockchain ecosystem.

🏳️ This is how big oil will die. A must-read on the dynamics of the system that may lead to the collapse of big oil. (Also, Norway’s near $1trn fund will insist that investee banks disclose the carbon footprint of their loan books.)


Apple is struggling to become an AI powerhouse (mostly because of its culture of secrecy).

🍎 More details on Apple’s AI announcements this week and Apple’s plans to open SDKs to developers.

Using AI to track support of economic development.

AI+fmri scans can detect autism in infants from 6 months.

🔨 The construction industry is ripe for robotics.


Bike sharing is growing so fast in China that it is hindering Didi’s growth.

Airbnb is successful, but why aren’t car rental sharing startups growing fast?

🏹  Guide to the challenges facing self-driving car manufacturers.

Should autonomous vehicles get their own special lanes?

Why autonomous vehicles and EVs pair so well?

Half of Americans will never buy an autonomous vehicle. (They are probably right, but not for the reasons they think.)

Tesla is now the 7th most valuable car brand.

🔥  Kadhim Shubber of the FT: “Fire Travis Kalanick”. (See also: Travis Kalanick's party rules for a corporate celebration.)

Washington governor calls self-driving technology "foolproof", signs executive order to bring driverless cars to the roads. See also: "Radar doesn't drive drunk".


Apple and Facebook might drive augmented reality to 1bn users within four years.

💈 Why Dollar Shave Club was successful. (Hint: retention)

Amazon is becoming a serious lender to small American retailers.

💊  Could digital therapeutics be as effective as pharmaceuticals? (Also listen to my conversation with Marko Ahtisaari, CEO of SyncProject, a digital therapeutics firm.)

Vending machine in Russia sells you fake likes on social media.

🕹️ Newsweek's take on electioneering and brainwashing voters: “People don't understand what bread crumbs they leave around the internet. And our representatives in government don't understand how analytics work.”

We'll start to see the impact of quantum computing on finance in 3-4 years.

👶  What do fetuses see?


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