After 150 days...

A brief check-in.
After 150 days...

Five months ago, we took the bold step of introducing a Premium member tier for Exponential View.

This was designed to put the newsletter, and our amazing community of builders, investors, analysts and educators, on to a stable and sustainable footing. We had a great response and tremendous support from many of our readers to whom we’re utterly grateful. Thanks to them, we strengthened our research and production capacities, and launched another two podcast seasons.

I want to share with you some of the benefits those who joined our Member tier have enjoyed:

  • Private real-time briefings on critical topics discussed by me and a world expert. These State of The Exponential briefings are exceptional. Briefings include slides, full-playback and tight, analytical summaries. (See the foot of this mail to look at the detail of these briefings.)
  • Unique insights delivered as essay, analysis of briefings on topics such as what really happened in Davos, what the future of mobility looks like, and the insider scoop on the ways US plans to use AI in defense.
  • Wider access to community discussion and engagement for Members only, including real-time themed discussions with me.
  • In addition, annual members were offered complimentary VIP access as my guest to one of the world’s most important conferences on technology and society. These VIP passes were worth more £2,400 (or $3,200), the equivalent of 32 years of premium membership to Exponential View. (This was a bonus for annual members this year. Future goodies may vary.)

I would encourage you to consider signing up for an annual membership. It is currently only $100 (that is, £80 or €89) per annum. Student and academic rates are available. Rates will likely go up in the next few months. For academic packages, email

There is no free trial available. The trial is the weekly newsletter you receive, the attention you give it and your trust in me.

I’m sure you’ll benefit from membership. So do give it a go.

🎁 To celebrate the first 150 days of the Premium community, we are offering you a 10% life-time discount until 21:21 British Summer Time on Friday 21st June. Yes, this offer is available until the sun sets on the Summer Solstice in London.

Join us by by subscribing here.



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P.S. Here is a list of the State of the Exponential briefings members have enjoyed:

  • Phil Fersht, CEO HfS Research, Hyper-Connecting the Enterprise: The End Game for Integrated Automation
  • Rumman Chowdhury, Managing Director, Accenture AI, Defining and Deploying Algorithmic Fairness
  • Horace Dediu, leading industry analyst, Micromobility and the Future of Transportation
  • Reilly Brennan, Founding General Partner at Trucks Ventures, The Future of Autonomous Transportation
  • Bill Gross, inventor and founder of Energy Vault, The Tipping Point in Renewable Energy: Innovation in Storage
  • Emily Shuckburgh, OBE, Director of Research at University of Cambridge and Honorary Fellow at British Antarctic Survey, Climate Change: A Scientific Update
  • Sarah Hunter, Director of Public Policy at X, How to deploy new technologies to solve some of the world's hardest problems


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