About Azeem Azhar & Exponential View

Azeem Azhar is one of the leading thinkers bridging the gap between the two cultures—that of technology on one end, and humanities on the other—to provide a holistic understanding of the Exponential Age in which we live.

Azeem is a serial entrepreneur, investor and author. His latest book Exponential (or The Exponential Age in the US and Canada) shows how the exponential gap can explain our society's most pressing problems, and offers a whole new way to make sense of the modern world.

Exponential View was founded in 2015 to make sense of the fast-evolving dance between exponential technologies and slow-moving social institutions and norms. The newsletter and the podcast have grown to become totemic sources of insight for over 100,000 readers, over 2 million listeners, among whom are the leading investors, entrepreneurs and policy-makers from around the world.