A gift of insight—celebrating 4 years of Exponential View

Here's a treat for you, dear reader
A gift of insight—celebrating 4 years of Exponential View


We're celebrating four years of Exponential View this week, and I have a treat for you.

Join me for the State of the Exponential briefing with Dr Emily Shuckhburgh, a climate scientist and mathematician leading climate research at the British Antarctic Survey. Emily will talk about her research, the state of Antarctica's ice sheets, and what global warming looks like from Earth's southern-most continent.

We'll keep it real and urgent; but also acknowledge that there is space for optimism. Knowledge and action can get us through. So, take this chance to join for a closed discussion to learn what we can do to help.

Note that State of the Exponential briefings are members-only, but I decided to open this one to all as a gift from my team. If you'd like to participate in our other briefings and get year-round perks, including the upcoming discussion with inventor Bill Gross, subscribe to Exponential View premium for $90/year or £68/yearnote, the price will go up to $100 or £76 per year tonight at midnight San Francisco time.

To join for a discussion with Emily, register here. We only have 30 spots left, so hurry up!



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