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Azeem Azhar and Marija Gavrilov
🐙 LLMs and technological revolutionsWatch now (8 min) | Do we have the components for a change of paradigm?
Hi, I’m Azeem Azhar. I advise governments, some of the world’s largest firms, and investors how to make sense of our exponential future. Every Sunday, I…
AI is the real Web 3Watch now (8 min) | After Web 2.0 will come a Web underpinned by AI.
GPT-4 attains a form of general intelligence, indeed showing sparks of artificial general intelligence. This is demonstrated by its core mental…
GPTs as GPTs, Mastodon rises, happiest countries++
Azeem Azhar and Chantal Smith
Why grounding is the key to Microsoft’s success with GPT-4
Are we reaching the physical limits of computation?
Rodolfo Rosini and Azeem Azhar
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