Exponential View Podcast


In this episode, Azeem talks with Dr. Danny Lange, VP of AI and machine learning at Unity about the role of these technologies in revolutionizing the ways games are developed and monetized.

In this episode Marko presents ideas and undergoing projects born out of the vision that in the near future people will use non-drug modalities to heal, enhance well-being, and assist in therapy.

In a wide ranging podcast we talk about how technology has improved the lives of countless humans. We explore how automated systems will increasingly replace routine and highly-trained jobs. How will our societies cope with those changes?

We cover the compelling insights Yuval makes in his new book Homo Deus. Where are we, as a species, going now that we have conquered main of the things that ailed preceding generations?

In his most recent book, Philip Auerswald talks about “code” in a broader meaning of the word — it is the “how” of human productivity, the manner in which we create, refine and implement the infrastructure that forms a human society.

In this episode, Scott talks about why he believes “citizens’ salary” is a necessary measure for our societies to deal with tech unemployment by providing an independent income floor.

Philosopher and investor, Dr Shamil Chandaria, investigates how we might live much longer lives and asks how we can make those longer lives more meaningful.

A powerfully prophetic discussion about the meaning of work in the 21st century as technology transforms all areas of the global economy.

Living with and loving robots: The Exponential View salon with Kate Devlin on robot intimacy and a new age of sex, relationships and social life.

We touch on gene editing, Moore's Law, artificial intelligence, Facebook and fake news and what ties all these disparate strands together.