Monthly dinners. High-quality, interdisciplinary participants engaged in open conversation about interesting topics. Facilitated discussions led by an world-leading expert interlocutor. 

Past Events 

#12 - Exponential view Salon: Hacking Democracy

On the panel: 

Carole Cadwalladr -  Author, Journalist
Hari Kunzru - Novelist, Journalist
Luciano Floridi - Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the Oxford Internet Institute
Tom Loosemore - Group Director of Digital Services

May 2017 - London. 

Listen to the podcast from the event here. 

#11 - Up close and personal: Living with Robots

Interlocutor:  Dr Kate Devlin, Goldsmiths, University of London

Jan 2017 - London.

#10 - Future of Longevity

Interlocutor:  Dr Shamil Chandaria, Investor, Philosopher

Dec  2016 -  London. 

Video of the event

#9 - Wealth of Humans

Interlocutor:  Ryan Avent, author or Wealth of Humans

Oct  2016 -  London. 

We produced an amazing podcast during this event. 

#8 - Humans and Algorithms

Discussion with Blueyard Capital

Sep2016 -  Berlin.

#7 - Disrupting disruption

Interlocutor:  Professor Joshua Gans, author of The Disruption Dilemma

July  2016 -  London. 

#6 - Love, work and life in the Age of Robots?

Interlocutor:  Professor Robin Hanson, author of The Age of Em

May 2016 -  London. Picture

#5 - What in the world is consciousness?

Interlocutor:  Professor Anil SethProfessor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, University of Sussex

21st March 2016 -  London

#4 - What Elon told me and other intrigues of artificial intelligence

Interlocutor: Tom Standage, Deputy Editor, The Economist, technology historian, drummer

22nd February 2016,  London

#3 - Mars: our next frontier

Interlocutor: Oliver Morton, Briefings Editor, The Economist, acclaimed science writer

23rd November 2015 -  London 

#2 - Artificial Intelligence

Interlocutor: Research Professor Margaret Boden 

19th October 2015 - London

#1 - Medicine's Gutenberg Moment

Interlocutor: Carina Namih, CEO, HelixNano

14th July 2015 -  London

Photo credit: Paul Papadimitriou