I am a strategist, inventor, product entrepreneur and writer.

I have been working with technology since I discovered my first computer, the ZX-81, in 1981. 

I've mixed interests in technology, science and maths as well as economics, philosophy & history. (There is an interview which connects my interests in maths, computing, history and philosophy.)

The early part of my career took me to journalism, where I covered technology at The Guardian and The Economist.  I've also had product, strategy and innovation roles at the BBC and Thomson Reuters.

Recently I was founder and CEO of PeerIndex, a venture-backed startup which applied a lot of machine learning to large-scale social graphs to make predictions about social web users. PeerIndex was acquired by Brandwatch in 2014. 

I am currently Vice President, Head of Venture & Foresight at the Schibsted Media Group. 

I've been involved in a number of other startups and incubators including PowerSet (Microsoft), Evi (Amazon), NewEnergyFinance (Bloomberg), Dopplr (Nokia), Seedcamp and others. 

Exponential View is a new project.

You can find me on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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